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On 4/24/17 I picked up prescription for 30 zanax. the rx was written take 1/2-1 tablet as needed.

I am suffering from vestibular migraines and the only thing that helps at all is 2 Tylenol and a zanax. On 5/12/17 my Dr. sent in another prescription for 60 zanax, written as take 1-2 tabs daily as needed. I called the pharmacy and was told it was too early to fill and I had to wait until 5/17/17.

I went to pharmacy on 5/17/17 and the clerk argued with me and called the pharmacist over who basically said he didn't know who told me I could pick it up on 5/17/17 and that is was the pharmacist prerogative if he wanted to fill it early or not??!?! Again, I was just told no, talked to like I was just a drug seeking abuser, he did not even bother to look in the computer to see that the dosage and qty had been changed by my doctor.

Let me tell you, if that pharmacist has had a vestibular migraine for the last 2-1/2 months he would not be treating people in that manner! I am offended to my very core and will not be doing any more shopping at any King Sooper locations anywhere in the USA.

Review about: King Soopers Pharmacist.

Reason of review: pharmacist dismissive, rude and unhelpful and in the end he was WRONG.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Convenience-close to home.

I didn't like: Pharmacist who was rude.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1349401

For one, why on earth does your doctor give you Xanax for migraines. Two, before being hateful, maybe educate yourself in Colorado laws that applies to the pharmacy.

Another thing, saying your taking one to tablets as needed is really not much to go on. I am assuming it's a 30 day supply per insurance company and how your doctor wrote it. It's not their fault if you are misusing your medication in correctly.

There is a system that ALL pharmacist use in the entire country to see if it's early to fill or if there is any problems with the fill (aka, pharmacy hopping). I suffer from migraines as well, but it sounds like your just using that as an excuse to get your controlled medication early.


Blame your doctor, not your pharmacist. You can refill a C-IV prescription up to 5 times in a 6-month period provided that the original prescription indicated 5 refills, but clearly that isn't the case here.

Your doctor wrote a completely new prescription for an entirely new and increased amount before a month was up. Not only is this incredibly suspicious but also why you're receiving Xanax for pain is beyond me. Xanax is not indicated for pain and the fact that you're coming in asking for an increased amount in a short amount of time for an improper indication suggests abuse.

So had your doctor wrote your original prescription with refills, then maybe it gets filled.

But it's a new prescription so it's not going to get ok'ed by the insurance company in addition to being illegal to fill.

This smells fishy.

to Anonymous #1430654

No it’s not fishy my doctor changes dosage etc & phamacy told me it had to be done thru ur doctor so u went thru correct avenues & yes Xanax is used for pain migraines and anxiety. I’m having issues with pharmacist filling the entire prescrption I have for tramadol & I have breast cancer it’s a nightmare!!!

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