I have been a customer of KS at the Wadsworth/Jewell location in Lakewood, Colorado for a while. This past Tuesday I experieced the worst customer service EVER while trying to purchase cigarettes at the CS counter! I'm currently on crutches and needed my son's help with carrying a hand basket for my groceries. He wasn't standing in line with me but was standing off to the side while I stood in line at the customer service counter to purchase myself 2 pks of cigarettes. When I got up to the counter, the female CS employee literally said nothing to me. I then asked for 2 pks of American Spirits. She still said nothing but turned to grab them out of the locked glass case. She then put them on the counter and asked my (adult) son for his I.D. My son and I looked at each other perplexed. I told the CS girl that the cigarettes were for myself. She said "I need to see yours as well". I removed my driver's license from my wallet and gave it to her. She then insisted to still see my son's identification, which he didn't have on his person at that moment, because it was in the car (since he wasn't buying groceries for himself). I again told her the cigarettes were for myself and that 'I' was paying for them. She refused to sell them to me because my son happened to be with me and he looked 'young' (in her opinion). Now, I understand stores have policies they're expected to enforce by law, but my issue is with the rude and condescending way in which this particular CS employee was 'enforcing it'. Because of her LACK of customer service skills, (no smile, no greeting, just a detached blank stare that clearly conveyed 'what do you want') and the flat tone in her voice while insisting to see my son's I.D., AND not bothering with any explanation or details on this particular KS store policy, but just said "it's store policy and I'm not going to lose my job over it because you don't understand it". Her tone and attitude was so condescending that I asked to speak to a manager. She then turned to the young man working the CS desk with her (who I was told later is her supervisor) and told him the situation, and in the same tone and condescending manner he said "it's store policy and there's nothing we can do about it". By this time I was visibly upset which must have made the young man decide that she could ring my cigarettes up for me "this one time only". She did as was told and once she was done, she literally tossed the two packs at me across the counter and immediately did the same thing with my receipt! My son and I just stood there with our mouths dropped. I have never experienced such blatant rudeness like that EVER! I called the 'real' store manager the next day and he promised to look into the matter. However, after being made to feel like the *** of the earth by two young adults who clearly haven't the faintest idea of what 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' really means, I've decided to shop and transfer all pharmeceutical prescriptions to Walmart (where they're cheaper anyway) and I will never spend a dime in any King Sooper's ever again. This is just one of many unsatifactory experiences I've had from this particular KS store over the years ie; purchasing a $4 loaf of bread on a Saturday and seeing mold growing on it 3 days later...or the produce being so old that you see a slimey film on the bottoms of the produce racks as though they're never cleaned and sanitized! You've gone to considerable lengths refacing your stores and making them look nice but honestly, you really aren't fooling your customers. It's the overall experience that really matters to us, the consumer, because we are the ones experiencing 'first hand' the detached mood of the Customer Service Representative who rudely enforces a store policy without a detailed explanation, or the expensive loaf of bread that wasn't fresh, or the bad produce sitting out with a high price point per pound! You advertise your stores as 'valuing' your customers, but honestly, I don't recall a time while shopping at King Soopers, that I felt valued as a costumer. The computerized voice at the checkout stands that says, "Welcome Valued Customer" is the only indication given that I (the consumer) matter. I guess as long as a computer is saying it to us, then your store management and their employees don't have to work at proving it to us. As far as the strong enforcement of your cigarette purchase policy goes, I get it. Too bad you don't apply the same type of strong enforcement to better training of customer service skills to all of your employees! Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter.


Becky Sutherland

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #799976

I don't see how she was rude at all unless you count her doing her job as rude.


You were probably rude when you showed up at the service desk.

Attention King Soopers Customers!!!!!

Check your attitude at the door, and remember that our employees are human beings, and not your verbal punching bag.

Perhaps an I Q test should be required before allowing someone to shop at King Soopers.

Here is a hint for you, If we can or cannot do something that is because King Soopers made that rule. Don't take it out on us, we are just workers who are told by management to do this. Here's another Idea, the Store Manager should be reduced to 20 hours a week, Bag Groceries, Work behind the service desk, or even at the self check out for 3 months, and let's see how quickly they change their tune when they say the customer is always right

to AbusedKingSoo***mployee Denver, Colorado, United States #753915

You were never abused, I see you are an ill-mannered person.I guess you are getting whats you deserved.

That attitude above says it all.You are a miserable human being.

to AbusedKingSoo***mployee Floyds Knobs, Indiana, United States #799978

The sad thing is these old and disabled people think they can do what they want, just because they are old and disabled, they think they can treat people as they want to and if they are called on it the person calling them out on their behavior looks like a monster for yelling at a poor disabled old person.Her calling someone who is obviously an adult a girl just shows how she thinks the world owes her because she is old and disabled.

They think they can take their anger out on anyone but if the person reacts they make the person seem like a monster for attacking an old disabled lady in clutches. Sad really when they are the one causing the trouble.

If she wants to be valued as a customer, she needs to learn how to treat others with respect, in turn she will be treated with respect.I feel bad for her son having to take her around place to place being embarrassed by her attitude.

Denver, Colorado, United States #676076

I'm sure u weren't acting hostile to her either?Were u?

I bet that u were just this nice polite little angel & didn't act in any way to get the worker flustered huh? People like u crack me up, you've prob never worked a day in ur life dealing with retail customers.

Are u done crying now u big adult baby?Haha :cry :cry :cry


get over it and drive the *** on its not like those kids were cussing you out


I work at king soopers up here in greeley.I can honestly say that im unbelievibly sorry for the way these people treated you.

We do have to ID everyone but the way she explained it, is not the appropriate way that they teach us in our classes.

So hearing what you have experianced upsets me to the core.I can totally understand you leaving but id like you to know that i am sorry that this person treated you this way.

to Amber Denver, Colorado, United States #753914

Thank you Amber for your sincere care.

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