When shopping at the king soopers I've shopped in for 20 years on 104th & Washington st. Denver, Colorado I was asked to show my i.d.

when asking for a carton of cigarettes (normal & understandable). But when they asked to see my nephew's i.d. who is under 18 I was perplexed. I told them the cigarettes were for me not him, they then told me it was store policy that they were supposed to card all members of a party if anyone is buying cigarettes & if anyone in the party is underage the cigarettes could not be sold.

When I was told this I told the 4 cashiers & manager standing around that I didn't understand why the policy made sense because if I walk out of the store & give the cigarettes to my nephew I should be the one in trouble not the store. After seeing that I was getting visibly upset the manager looked at my nephew & myself as if she was deciding if we could be an exception.

She then decided to give the cashier permission to sell me the cigarettes. This policy & the way it is enforced may make me & my family choose to shop elsewhere.

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It's possible you are not aware, but they have stings for people at the service desk. It is THE LAW to card the whole party and if you fail, you can lose your job and be fined.

It IS inconvenient for you. It's more inconvenient for the person behind the counter who is getting yelled at for it when they are just trying to protect their job.


I worked at a convenience store for a while, a Kangaroo. Nation-wide policy is the same.

If a group comes in and goes back to, let's say, the alcohol and browses around, everyone has to be carded. Why would they discuss what beer to get if they're not all going to drink it? So everyone needs to pop out some ID.

Now granted, your case was a little different, but the cashier can't make that call. Treat every case the same and you don't get fired - and yes, we could get fired for that.

Naples, Florida, United States #627248

Shop elsewhere. Every store decides their liability risks.

You just found that one. If you have young teens you should feel safer knowing at least THAT store won't be selling your kid smokes.

People who have a problem with the ID request should open their own business so they can do it how they want to.

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