After my shopping I attempted to check out at the self check. I scanned a jar of Mt.

Olive Kosher Dill pickles that I thought was $1.49 and upon scanning discovered it rang up at $3.49. I terminated the transaction and went back to the isle. Upon deeper and closer inspection of the pricing tag that had 3 different numbers on it, I discovered that the $1.49 amount that was located on the upper right corner of the price ticket was actually the savings and not the price. Now very irritated and angry, I approached the inattentive and disengaged worker standing like a deer in the headlights at the self check registers and demanded to speak to someone in charge about deceitful pricing.

Ed Sather approached the register and I explained to him that their pricing was deceitful with three different numerals on a sales ticket that forces you to stop and meticulously read the ticket in order to not end up paying more that you wish at the register and therefore being ripped off. I also told him that I had half a mind to alert the Fox News station KDVR in Denver at Tip line: 303-566-7575 about their deceptive pricing practice and Ed Sather found this humorous and laughed at me. I am registering this circumstance on line like I told him I was going to do.

The management at the King Soopers store located at 4503 John F Kennedy Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO 80525 is rude, non-empathic, exhibit poor customer

Customer service and partake in deceptive pricing in an effort to rip off their customer. I will go out of my way to discourage the many others I know not to waste their time and money shopping at this despicable store.

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Sounds to me like you were lonely and needed someone to talk to, so in order to get attention you continue to act like a *** which makes employees of King Soopers less willing to serve you

Denver, Colorado, United States #675790

No attack intended, but escalating that situation that far as to contact a news station is pretty funny. All you had to do was simply request the price that was listed to the cashier and legally they would have to give it to you at the listed price.

Not deceitful, simply a price that needed to be updated.

All this fuss over a jar of pickles.

Naples, Florida, United States #627250

Actually, in Florida it is the required that retailers show on their price tags the UNIT PRICE and the RETAIL PRICE. Customers always ask which is the right price.


How is that in any way difficult?

Their tag is easy to understand if you READ it. There is nothing deceitful about listing a savings amount on the tag that says SAVINGS.

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