King Sooper in Conifer Colorado is relentless in their bait and switch pricing and they keep finding new ways to show the consumer the wrong/lower price.Today, they had $1.99 ea.

under the pineapples but they charged me $3.99 at check out. I told the cashier I did not want the pineapple at that price and she seemed to get disturbed that she had to remove the item.

When I wen back to check the pricing of $1.99/ea it was for kwiwi that was hidden way in the back of the pineapple.King Sooper in Conifer, colorado like to make a practice of this deception.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #952385

King Soopers in Broomfield does this too.Actually, this is King Soopers' strategy.

They are one of the most expensive grocery stores.And they charge higher prices in places like Broomfield and Conifer.


This isn't deception on the part of King Soopers, it's a failure to read the prices correctly on YOUR part. Perhaps if you paid closer attention you wouldn't make these simple errors.

Conifer, Colorado, United States #792750

I had that happen to me also. What they do is make the $1.99 in real big letters and the per lb so small you cannot see it.

Denver, Colorado, United States #753906

Sorry, it was your fault for NOT paying attention...

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